If you have a dog to train, consider picking up a copy of Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards by Dianna Young and Robert Mottram. The premise of the book is that dogs are distinctly different from humans in their genetic make-up and if you understand that critical difference, you can effectively train almost any dog. Young explains that all dogs are naturally either followers or leaders and that they have a keen sense of rank, whether in a dog pack or in the family environment. To effectively train your dog, you must give early and prominent clues to your dog that you are in charge. Various psychological approaches which are recognized in psychological research offer diverse ways of dog training. But the ideology of positive reinforcement has proven most effective to author Young who is also a certified and award-winning trainer. Read more… By Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite
Do you know what happens to books that I wish I’d written?  I cut off their spines and punch holes in them. That’s right…it makes ring-binding them possible.  And that has become my new shortcut to knowing which books I use as constant reference material or just find enjoyable to read.  Once ring bound, books can be kept open while studying them, or  left open flat for ease of reading.  I use them a lot, and I want their words easily accessible.“Think Like Your Dog, and Enjoy The Rewards” by the Daughter/Father team of Dianna M. Young and her co-author Robert H. Mottram is truly one of those books.  And I know you’ll find it just as valuable. Read more…By Robert Vaughn, writer and editor for German Shepherd Adventures 
Young gives readers the step by step process necessary to have a canine companion to bond with in a rewarding relationship. The most important lesson to be learned is that in every human and dog team, there is one leader and one follower. In a dog’s eyes, there is no in-between. Young clearly reiterates this principle throughout the book and gives understandable examples of how it can be achieved. Read more… By Mary E. Trimble, author of Tubob: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps
This book is an easy read with some humor as well. The training methods here were a game changer for us and literally a life saver for our dog. Wish we had read this before we brought home our dog because unfortunately we picked one that did NOT have a sound temperament. For the first time in my life I have experienced the joy of being the pack leader and having a dog that knows basic obedience. Dianna is very knowledgeable, her methods are tried and true. They actually work if you are willing to be consistent and apply them. We truly appreciate her expertise! By S. Arntson
As owner of two German Shepherd, I have found Dianna Young’s new book: “Think Like Your Dog” to be an invaluable training tool and learning tool for me. It is also helpful for my dogs, since I approach training differently now with the wealth of knowledge and experience she has shared in this book. Thank You for writing this book! By T. Schilling
I love this book! It has answered several of my dog behavioral questions and has given me solutions to help create peace and harmony within our home. This book addresses all aspects of dog ownership from choosing your first puppy to introducing an additional K-9 member into your family and much more. I highly recommend this book to anyone with dogs or anyone thinking of getting a dog. After reading this book you will be able to “Think like your Dog”! By NWDG
Great book.Very insightful book written by someone who really knows what they are talking about. A must read for dog owners. By the “Alaska reader”
Sensible and easy to follow advice. Loved the overall approach to dog training. The lesson that either you or your dog will be the leader in the relationship echos thoughout. And that If you don’t step up, your unhappy dog will be compelled to try to fill the void.So many other trainers stress reward without correction. Dianna believes in both. She compares her method of using reward and gentle correction for dogs with instructions that might be given to a child who is trying to locate an object and is given the clues “you’re getting warmer” and “you’re getting colder”. That was an aha moment for me.Very sensible advice. Great stories from her canine career help illustrate her points. By Maplehill
Amazing. Simply the best dog behavior book I’ve ever read. The author has stunning experience in this field My high energy German Shepherd has never been more settled and focused as she is after I applied my new knowledge. A must read for all dog owners. This lady is a female Ceasar Millan! By Kimberley68
There are so many things I enjoyed about Dianna’s book. The most important lesson was establishing clear leadership with my dog. Dianna helped me understand it is really a kindness to my dog. Leadership makes him feel safe and secure to know I am in control. Dianna also had some simple training tips that were new to me and are very effective with Maverick. Dianna’s training and extensive experience are very impressive. Her love of dogs comes through so clearly. This is a book I know I will keep close and refer to often. By William McCann
Dianna Young lays out solid advice on dog selection and training. I wish I had this book years ago, it would have helped in so many situations. Easy to understand with real-life examples to illustrate key points. A must have book for any dog owner. By Lawrence Romel
I now Think Like My Dog!!! First things first….this book is user-friendly! Easy to understand, relatable anecdotes, and a clear methodology. After I read the book, I started observing people with their dogs and started to realize that often (nearly 100%) the problem is with the handler/owner..NOT the dog! At 42 years of age, I’m learning new things! I would observe a person giving a command, only to give up after a few tries! This experience IS a learned behavior! What have you taught your dog? You have a taught him that he DOESN’T need to do what you’ve asked!Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards set clear expectations and helped me to better see what I (emphasis added) need to change and correct. The book is concise and direct and the author has a sense of humor, which always helps! She offers numerous examples to help set the tone and drive the point home, which I enjoyed. Her knowledge of the canine species and various breeds is vast. Her tone is no-nonsense and matter-of-fact, while remaining thorough and educational. I actually plan on re-reading the book regularly, to make sure I’m putting the new skills into practice. I told my husband that the book is my dog’s user’s manual.Dianna Young has impressive credentials as well! If you are looking for fluff and warm fuzzies…this is not your book. What this book WILL do is assist you in establishing a healthy relationship with your dog, setting boundaries, providing much-needed structure, and will encourage proper role-definition. I look forward to putting my new skills to work!! By Doglover
It actually makes sense! I wanted a book that would inform me the best ways to understand dog behavior and subsequently how to train that natural behavior. Found it! Although I have not read this book cover to cover yet, what I have read has been sooo helpful in my quest to teach my dog and not force him in to submission with simple training. It really does help me think like my dog, making it easier for both of us to live compatibly together and have some fun getting the kinks of our relationship honed. Really good reference! By JJK